Monday, July 18, 2011

Guatemala Round Dos

It's been an amazing two days already. We've been to both villages and worked like crazy. Yesterday, we went to the high mountain village of Bejucalito. The town is literally hanging off of mountains and somehow they farm the land. We spent our day mixing concrete yo finish up the school play yard. Our concrete machine consisted of our arms, shovels, little kids, and a 15 year old master mason named Hilmar.

Today, we ventured southwest from Guatemala city to Santa Luisa. This was the village i worked in last time if you read that blog post. It was amazing to see the familiar faces an receive loving hugs. You feel gods presence when you hug these people. You don't want to let go.

In this village, we worked on the foundation of the pastors house. Basically, I shoveled dirt out of a ditch in order to make it 3 feet deep. I removed more dirt and placed it on myself than I think made it in the pile. We were forced to stop by the crazy afternoon rain storms. These rain showers make you think you should probably build a boat. But because of the rain, we were able yo stop and break bread with the local mr fixit, Chevo, and the three prayer warrior women. Lunch is a very rare treat for them. We basically gave them everything we had. It was a true blessing to be able to serve them. We got to learn a little more about one of the ladies. She ha given birth to 8 children; five are alive. Two died in child birth and one died at 18 months. Two of her five alive are considered "sick." basically, they are mentally handicapped. The other three are healthy. Her husband abandoned the children and her. He rejected his "sick" children. He passed away two years ago. She now supports her family through faith in god and the amazingly strong church body that is established in the village. In the book of James, he declares that faith without works is dead. This woman gives all she has yo her church, friends, and family and expects nothing in return. She is a beautiful picture of faith.

Today I experienced one of the best lunches I've ever had, and all we ate were ham sandwiches, doritos, and animal crackers. I could do this lunch everyday.

Keep close...more to come.

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  1. Thank you Tripp for these beautiful word pictures of Guatemala and the incredible examples of faith. We love you and are praying for you and the work God has for you there.